How I chose to cherish a genuine connection aka why I got back together with my ex

Hello and welcome back to my internet space!

Have you ever thought about how many people you’ve met in your life? Friends, family… all the people you’ve gone to school with, your neighbours… throughout your life there are plenty of people you’ve interacted regularly with.

Now, out of all those people, how many of them do you keep in contact with? How many of them do you know their birthdays without having to see it on their Whatsapp status first? How many of them have been to your house and have met your family? How many of them are your people?

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The process of letting go. How I’m creating room for new memories in this decade.

Do you have spaces in your house that you don’t frequent often? A drawer where you dump all your junk, old boxes and suitcases under your bed, or that topmost part of your wardrobe where you store your extra curtains and sheets and other negligible things.

I have all these spaces and as much as I want to declutter, I find it hard to let go. Now, what’s funny is that it isn’t the clothes or shoes that are difficult for me to get rid of, it’s the papers that I am holding on to.

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