Truth be told…

I remember exactly where I was when a really ugly truth was told to me.

There’s something physiologically jarring that happens to your body when you’re confronted with truth.

Everything falls away for a moment. You are simultaneously hyper aware of your surroundings and also so removed from your body… it’s as though you’re a fly on the wall, observing the unfolding of a traumatic event in someone else’s life.

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The Labyrinth

Hello and welcome back to my space 😊

In my previous post I mentioned how I’ve always wanted to write aesthetically . Truthfully, there are a lot of things I’ve wanted to do but that I haven’t seen through. I find that there’s a severe disconnect between who I want to be… and who I currently am.

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Reality be like…

It’s 18:40 pm. I’m in a matatu on my way home from work. Music is blaring through the speakers and I’m thinking about how I should call my mum once I get home. I’m also debating on what I should make for supper.

Lately I’ve thought about how I fantasize about writing more than I actually write.

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Back to life…

So I recently went to visit my family for three weeks over the December break. The thing about spending time in a different environment is that it kind of gives you temporary amnesia of what your life is actually like… which I guess is one of the reasons people travel. You settle into a new routine, hang out with people you’ve been away from for months, see different places, eat different food and it’s almost as if you start to be a different version of yourself in that environment… the version of yourself that is suited for those specific circumstances.

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Hello and welcome back to my patch of internet. I sat down to write this post and didn’t realize how long it would turn out to be, so get comfortable and dig in 🙂 .

Have you ever heard the phrase,’ going through the motions?’ It’s defined as doing something because it’s expected without any interest or enthusiasm. I personally take this phrase to mean the different mental and emotional states that one can be in when going through life. This is because no matter what state you’re in, life goes on one way or another whether you’re embracing it or simply just surviving it, so you’re going through the motions, no matter what exactly they are. I don’t know if that makes sense but yeah. I realized that I have three motions or states that I oscillate between when going through my everyday life. This is what that’s like:

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