Taking Stock 03

Hello and welcome to my patch of internet 🙂 . Been a hot minute since I was here, so I figured it’s the perfect time to take stock. Let’s get right to it…

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Hello and welcome back to my patch of internet. I sat down to write this post and didn’t realize how long it would turn out to be, so get comfortable and dig in 🙂 .

Have you ever heard the phrase,’ going through the motions?’ It’s defined as doing something because it’s expected without any interest or enthusiasm. I personally take this phrase to mean the different mental and emotional states that one can be in when going through life. This is because no matter what state you’re in, life goes on one way or another whether you’re embracing it or simply just surviving it, so you’re going through the motions, no matter what exactly they are. I don’t know if that makes sense but yeah. I realized that I have three motions or states that I oscillate between when going through my everyday life. This is what that’s like:

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Resolutions 101

Hello and welcome back to my space 🙂 .

First of all, allow me to state the obvious: IT’S A NEW YEAR! I hope your 2017 started with a bang and that it’s going on well so far.


I used to say that when I when I started my own blog I wouldn’t be one of those bloggers whose every post starts with an excuse for being away for too long and whatnot so in the spirit of not becoming the thing I hate, I will just go ahead and jump right in to today’s post.

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Taking Stock : 01

Hello and welcome back to my space 🙂 Today I decided to do a taking stock post to kind of see where I am in my life right now. I think it would be cool to compare these kind or posts after a couple of months and see what has changed and what stays the same. So here is my first taking stock post… Enjoy!

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My Bio Dilemma

*taps mic *

Is this thing on?

Hello good people! Welcome back to my space :). Oh how I have missed this patch of internet of mine! I hadn’t planned my impromptu hiatus but circumstances beyond my control unceremoniously forced me into it (sigh). I am however eager to get back on this so let’s get to it…

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